Everclear Frontman: “Jesus was totally a liberal.”

Alternative rock band, Everclear were a staple in the 90’s music scene. With over two decades of songwriting under his belt, Everclear lead singer, Art Alexakis has become a rock icon.

Status aside, Alexakis is also known for his outspoken political views. A professed left-wing Christian, Art Alexakis is no fan of the concept of conservative Christianity. “Jesus was totally a liberal. I wrote a song called, “Jesus was a Democrat.” Said Alexakis, “I don’t know how that happened, where all the sudden to be a Christian means you have to be a conservative because that has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ whatsoever.”

Alexakis applauded Pope Francis’ recent statements that seemed to indicate Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump is not a Christian. “I love how honest [Pope Francis] is.” Said Alexakis, “Christians don’t build walls we build bridges.’ I thought that was pretty badass for him to say that.”

Art Alexakis is no stranger to controversy himself. After releasing the music video for Everclear’s song, “Hater” in 2006, Alexakis found himself in a heated controversy. “We had a music video for the song and it had an evil Jesus; like the Hater Jesus, so it was someone with Jesus’ powers but no one good.” Said Alexakis. Soon after the video’s release, Alexakis was invited to discuss the matter with conservative cable news host, Bill O’Reilly. “I went on Bill O’Reilly about that song and he attacked me with a couple people.” Alexakis said, “They tell you it’s just going to be you and Bill but they bring other people on. I didn’t care; bring them on. I thought it was funny.”

As for who Alexakis is pulling for in the 2016 presidential election, “I’m not saying, but It’s going to be a Democrat, that’s for sure.” Said Alexakis. “I like what we’ve got; I like both [Sanders & Clinton]. We’ll see what happens. I think both can win, I want them to play nice and not leave a lot of blood in the water in this primary choosing. But with the knuckleheads that we’re up against I feel pretty confident.”


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